1. Kenny I agree with u most of my friends have xbox to I would be really cool if they teamed up so u can link both systems to play with ur friends no matter what system u got

  2. If you got money, upgrade ur pc. Better time than ever as architecturally, both next-gen consoles are more similar to a computer than ever before, meaning that for developers it’s 50% easier and much less costly than having to rewrite and change code specifically for pc. For $400 you can get a graphics card that will provide more power than 4 ps4′s in conjunction.

  3. Really fuck Microsoft. I hate what they’ve done to Xbox and I would personally prefer a ps4. But, I am a diehard halo fan and most of my friends have xbox and money isn’t a problem. This whole console war is really just fucked up. Why can’t Sony and Microsoft just team up where the whole word can play as one on an ultimate console

  4. You have a great perspective on this whole ordeal. You were very specific very detailed and more. Just because of this one video i shall subscribe. THANK YOU, for being on task and on point.

  5. What I’m going to do is wait a while after both xbox and ps4 are released and hear all the feed back then I’ll choose which I want

  6. you said we all should stop consider and choose to be entertained… its alot better to actually involve yourself, and based on your new knowledge and info you can choose the console that fits you, I am having a hard time consider because of, 1 controllers I like the xbox controller best but hate the motioncontrols, 2 politics, I like the sonys values better as they think its okay to try out your friends games. and 3: games, I prefer xbox n nintendo exclusives over sony.. I should get a new PC

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